Respect Her Run

We created this passion project in response to the harassment female runners are forced to deal with every day.

T-shirts were designed with a large logo on the back to help put the harassers in their place without the runner having to say a word or break her stride.

Our t-shirts are sold on Etsy, where a portion of every purchase is donated to Fast and Female.

The Respect Her Run Instagram account builds awareness and drives women to our Etsy store.

To demonstrate what it’s really like for female runners, we hit the street and graffiti over existing running ads with intrusive comments women hear on their runs.


Runners use the Nike Running Club app to track their distance, route and speed. So to get the attention of all runners using the app, we would also include a statistic that shares just how many female runners have been harassed during your run.

Women who have been experienced mid-run harassment can pinpoint the location and share what the harasser said to them directly on the map within the app.

To further increase awareness, we would graffiti the comments that were submitted to the map at the specific location that the harassment took place.


Agency: N/A - self-started initiative
Concept: Alyssa Geffen & Erin Edwards
Copywriter: Alyssa Geffen
Art Direction & Design: Erin Edwards